Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Praise God!

An addendum to the last post:

The senate passed the fiscal year 2009 (which runs from Sept 08 to Aug 09) Omnibus bill which in layman's terms means it passed the budget that funds my clinic!! YEAH!!! The bill was identical to the one passed by the House so therefore it is now in the President's hands to sign into law. Next the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) can issue a Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) (don't ya just love acronyms??) to the county. HRSA has 45 days to issue the NOGAs. Then the county will allow us to file a request which then goes to the Commissioners Court who will then vote on our funding. The requests normally has a 2 week deadline and the Court meets twice a month.
So today is March 10th, ...say the President signs it by Friday (the 13th...yikes!). The HRSA issues the NOGA 45 days later...hmmm...around April 29th (ok, I guess it could be sooner but HRSA is an arm of the government...45 days). Then the county sets a deadline for May 15th (they always set it for a Friday...even though they don't work on Fridays...go figure). So it will go to Court around the last week of May. And we will see our funds by the first week of June.

And that, my friends, is our efficient government at work.

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katdish said...

Ugh! Watching Obama on Fox News right now. Shouldn't he be signing something?

Love the profile pic, btw! Too cute!