Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In love....FINALLY!

It's official. I am head over heels, top of the world, high on life, smiling all the time, in love....sigh..... And to think just a week or so ago, I thought I'd never find my Bobby Ewing. I thought I'd never gaze into a sweet face, have his head tilt to the side, a smile appear on his lips, and slowly bend forward to place a kiss on my nose. But it has happened.

About two weeks ago, I was dutifully attending a retreat with the board of directors of the organization where I have spent the last six years slaving away. It was one of those bonding days with people you'd rather not bond with but are obligated to at least fake it. We spent the day sharing our views on how life ought to be...well, how the organization ought to be. I'm not really into these things (obviously) but it is a necessary evil when you are trying to define the vision for the organization.

During a sidebar conversation (a.k.a. as two people incredibly bored who start to whisper to each other about anything that doesn't have to do with the task at hand), with a very sweet and caring board member, we realized that both being single, we had a lot in common. After swapping a couple of "i wish" stories, she decided that she had the perfect mate for me. He was blond haired, brown eyed, very intelligent, youthful, caring, affectionate. Everything a woman could dream of...sigh....

So we swapped emails for a week, finally exchanged numbers, talked for a few hours and then arranged for a time and place to meet. Though I wasn't sure if it was the wisest thing I had ever done, I decided to bring my kids with me for the great introduction. I knew my daughter would be fine but my son had to like him or it just wasn't going to work. So he might as well meet them right from the get go.

When we first got to his home, my first impression was that he was absolutely adorable. My son hid behind my leg for a little while but within 15 minutes or so, we were all best of friends. I thought, what the heck, let's just bring him home and make him part of the family. Some may think this was a hasty decision. But so far, it's been working out nicely. So meet the love of my life: Parmley, my newly adopted soft coated wheaten terrier. Ain't love grand....

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Jonathan & Lyndsy Manz said...

You are too funny! Hope Parmley is feeling at home and Patrick is being kind to him in these initial days of adjustment =)