Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pimp this bum.....what?????

What happened to preserving human dignity? How did exploiting a human being become a way to reach out and help? If you haven't already, you will probably get an email advertising a website that is entitled Pimp This Bum. The "star" of this site lives under an overpass just a few miles from my home. My pastor posted a blog that can explain it much better than I. Check it out at: I just hope the ones that benefit from this "project" are the ones that really need the help.


katdish said...

Thanks, Judi. Missed you today! You got an email?

Tony C said...

That's awful! As if the guy is down enough.

God bless your efforts. Jesus commanded us to take in the poor...not take advantage of them.

Jude said...

Thanks Tony! Our church is starting a ministry specifically for the homeless. We started it before the pimpthisbum came out. However, as God has shown us many times, good can come out of bad, and the homeless ministry has been energized to do even more good to offset the craziness of the pimp website.